Pre-Wedding Photos

A couple weeks ago, my friends, Ed and Melissa got married, and I was priveledged to be asked to be one of their photographers! I had a blast, and took tons of pictures. Here are a few of the pre-wedding photos:
The Bridesmaids' dresses
Getting ready

The bride's sister/maid of honor

The Dress

I loved the way the bridesmaids all came around in support to pray for Melissa, when the stresses of the day began to overwhelm her.

My daughters were the flower girls. This is Evelyn, my youngest.

Bridesmaids boquets

donning the dress
The bride's father came to to walk her down the aisle

A prayer before the wedding. Her mother's hand on her shoulder

The beautiful bride!
I love the way her father watched her as she got ready

The church - Montecito Covenant
It was very special to me to be photographing in this church, because my parents were married here nearly 45 years ago. So funny the way the life's story unfolds.

The flower girls' attire

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